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Playboy TV (originally The Playboy Channel) is an American, premium television owned by MindGeek under license from Playboy Enterprises.


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Manager, Distribution & Affiliate Marketing (Current Employee) says

"Looks like the doors for the TV portion will be closing soon. It was a good run but, all good things must come to an end. Insurance is so expensive we have to go with the HMO option. No more production support. People are being laid off every few moths. Totally under staffed. Set up for failure at this point. Cons: No financial support from home office, no honest/open communication."

Producer (Current Employee) says

"Not sure how much longer the company will last due to the changing times. There were some good times 17 years ago, but the management has changed, and not for the better. Network appears to be dying, so this is not a place to stay for long."

Editor (Current Employee) says

"after 4 years with the company I have learned alot about the industry. I have had good managers and bad managers but always learn from both. Workplace culture is happy and fun. I really enjoyed the Christmas and end of year parties with all of the coworkers. The hardest part of the job is the deadlines and when you have to crank files out in a short period of time. Cons: Low salary/pay"

EasyOpenSecure Locksmiths says

"Terrible customer service. Appalling the way I was spoken to and just for requesting a free trial."

Paul Dawson says

"I signed up for a 48 hour trial for £10. Made a payment using PayPal and never received the software. I raised a support ticket and it’s now been 9 days since raised with no response or software. Not impressed, annoyed about the £10 and looking at the recent reviews and comments below where they think it’s ok to cancel sometimes subscription because you silly like what they are threatening you with I’m glad this didn’t proceed further. I found another provider which is much better so far."

anthony says

"Had trial on 10th fine paid for 3 months on 11th had connection then blank all yesterday with no replies just showing system not supported would like money refunded. Invoice number #614 thanks Every thing fine now great quality picture perfect thanks once again would certainly recommend ?"

Darconio says

"Used to be good but I think they got busted. Most channels are down and don't reply to support request/support tickets EDIT: mailed the address provided, but didn't get any answer EDIT2: Just sent a 3rd email, I'd like for the service to work rather than a refund. But if it is not possible Invoice #140 EDIT3: I don't know what to say, I am replying to the conversation we had on the 24/05 using the address info @ Here the ticket I've logged: h t t p : / / / store/viewticket.php?tid=447842&c=AsXPXMhy Service valid till Monday, November 23rd, 2020 Thanks"

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